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Basic Python Programming course in Jalandhar

Basic python course in jalandhar

Course Overview:

The Basic Python Programming course at Webdox Computer Institute in Jalandhar is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Python programming. Whether you are a beginner with no prior coding experience or have some familiarity with programming concepts, this course is perfect for you. Python is a popular and beginner-friendly programming language used in various fields, including web development, data analysis, and automation. Join us and kick-start your journey into the world of Python programming!

Course Duration: 45 Days

Course Objectives:
1. Understand the basics of Python programming language.
2. Learn how to write clean and efficient Python code.
3. Develop problem-solving skills through programming exercises.
4. Gain familiarity with fundamental programming concepts and techniques.
5. Get hands-on experience with Python's built-in data types and structures.
6. Lay a strong foundation for further learning and specialization in Python.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Python
   - Introduction to programming languages
   - Python installation and setup
   - Running Python programs
   - Basic Python syntax and concepts

2. Variables and Data Types
   - Understanding variables and their usage
   - Working with different data types (numbers, strings, booleans)
   - Type conversion and casting
   - Basic input/output operations

3. Operators and Expressions
   - Arithmetic, comparison, and logical operators
   - Operator precedence and associativity
   - Expressions and their evaluation
   - Using parentheses and brackets for grouping

4. Control Flow Statements
   - Conditional statements (if, elif, else)
   - Looping constructs (for, while)
   - Nesting and combining control flow statements
   - Handling user input and validation

5. Functions and Modules
   - Defining and calling functions
   - Function parameters and return values
   - Scope of variables inside functions
   - Importing and using modules in Python

6. Strings and String Manipulation
   - Manipulating strings (concatenation, slicing, methods)
   - String formatting and interpolation
   - Common string operations and functions
   - Working with string inputs and outputs

7. Lists and Tuples
   - Creating and accessing lists and tuples
   - List and tuple operations (slicing, concatenation, methods)
   - Modifying lists and tuples
   - Working with nested lists and tuples

8. Dictionaries and Sets
   - Introduction to dictionaries and sets
   - Creating and accessing dictionary elements
   - Dictionary operations (adding, updating, deleting)
   - Working with sets and set operations

9. File Handling
   - Reading from and writing to files
   - Opening and closing files in Python
   - Reading and writing text and CSV files
   - Exception handling in file operations

10. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
    - Basic concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP)
    - Classes, objects, and methods
    - Encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
    - Introduction to OOP in Python

11.  Intro to Web Design

12. Intro to Data Structure and Algorithm

Course Delivery:

- Instructor-led classes with interactive sessions and demonstrations.
- Hands-on coding exercises and practice problems.
- Regular assessments and quizzes to evaluate progress.
- Dedicated doubt-clearing sessions.
- Course completion certificate upon successful evaluation.

Who Should Attend:
- Beginners with no prior programming experience.
- Students or professionals looking to start their programming journey with Python.
- Individuals interested in learning a versatile and widely-used programming language.
- Anyone seeking to enhance their problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

Join the Basic Python Programming course at Webdox Computer Institute and lay a solid foundation in Python programming. Enroll today and embark on a journey to become a proficient Python programmer!

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