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C/C++ Programming Course in Jalandhar


Course Overview:

The C/C++ Programming Course offered by Webdox Computer Institute in Jalandhar is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the C and C++ programming languages. This course is suitable for beginners and individuals with some programming experience who want to enhance their skills in these popular programming languages. Throughout the course, participants will learn the fundamental concepts, syntax, and best practices for writing efficient and reliable C/C++ code. The course includes hands-on exercises, practical examples, and real-world projects to reinforce learning and promote practical application.

Course Duration: 45 Days

Course Objectives:

1. Introduce participants to the fundamentals of C and C++ programming languages.
2. Teach participants how to write clean, efficient, and reliable code in C and C++.
3. Provide a comprehensive understanding of variables, data types, operators, control structures, and functions in C and C++.
4. Familiarize participants with object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts and their implementation in C++.
5. Enable participants to develop practical applications using C and C++.
6. Equip participants with debugging and error-handling techniques in C and C++.
7. Prepare participants for future advanced programming courses or software development careers.

Course Outline:

1: Introduction to C Programming
   - Introduction to programming concepts and the C language
   - Setting up the development environment
   - Basic structure of a C program
   - Variables, data types, and operators
   - Input and output operations
   - Control structures: if-else, loops, and switch statements

2: Advanced C Programming
   - Arrays and strings
   - Pointers and memory management
   - Functions and parameter passing
   - Scope and lifetime of variables
   - File handling in C

3: Introduction to C++ Programming
   - Evolution of C++ and its advantages
   - Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts
   - Classes, objects, and constructors
   - Encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
   - Introduction to standard C++ libraries

4: C++ Language Features
    - Operators and expressions in C++
    - Function overloading and templates
    - Exception handling
    - Memory management in C++
    - Namespaces and header files

5: Advanced C++ Programming
    - Advanced class concepts: static members, friend functions, and operator overloading
    - Inheritance and its types
    - Virtual functions and abstract classes
    - File handling in C++

6: Debugging and Error Handling in C/C++
   - Common errors in C/C++ programming
   - Debugging techniques and tools
   - Error handling and exception handling strategies
   - Best practices for writing clean and maintainable code

7: Practical Application Development
   - Designing and implementing a C/C++ application
   - Using external libraries and APIs
   - Code optimization and performance considerations
   - Testing and debugging the application

8: Project Development
   - Working on a real-world project using C or C++
   - Implementing concepts learned throughout the course
   - Project planning, development, and documentation
   - Presentation and demonstration of the project

- Basic knowledge of computer operation and software usage
- Familiarity with any programming language would be beneficial but not mandatory

Course Benefits:
- Gain a strong foundation in C and C++ programming languages
- Learn industry best practices for writing clean and efficient code
- Acquire essential skills for software development and programming careers
- Enhance problem-solving abilities through hands-on exercises and projects
- Receive a course completion certificate from Webdox Computer Institute

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